The Daysy fertility tracker recognises, analyses, and accurately display a womans unique menstral cycle.

Daysy is not a replacement for contraception.


We support women who want to be in control of their own body. 

Daysy - your personal fertility tracker

Daysy empowers you!

Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle. Thanks to Daysy, you know exactly when you are in your fertile window and when you are not.

During your fertile window you can plan a pregnancy, during your infertile phase you can not.

Daysy calculates your fertile window: Your fertility status will be displayed either as a red (you are fertile / possibly fertile) or green (you are not fertile) light.

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You can count on Daysy!

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Why is Daysy so reliable?

Due to an intelligent algorithm based on scientific evidence, long-term experience and well-engineered technology, Daysy provides highest quality, reliability and precision in terms of fertility tracking.

Daysy determines your fertile and infertile phase using an extensive database and proprietary algorithm. Based on 5 million menstrual cycles and an algorithm that draws on knowledge from more than 30 years of research, including several studies, Daysy fertility tracker can give you reliable information about your menstrual cycle and fertility.

You can start your temperature measurement with Daysy fertility tracker on any day of your cycle. Our customers appreciate the fact that measurement and the menstrual cycle indicators can be seen independently of smartphone integration. Connecting to your smartphone is relevant for details and special features, e.g. if you want to display your menstrual cycle history or share it with your partner or doctor.

Daysy’s algorithm, which is also used by the well-known Lady-Comp fertility menstrual cycle tracker of the parent company, has proven its reliability  for more than 3 decades. Join the Daysy family and see how exciting it is to get to know your body better with Daysy fertility tracker!


"Daysy is so easy to use. What you get out of it is this wealth of information about your body. I now know the rhythms and the Health of my body, no guessing. I love Daysy and have told all my friends about it".


"Yes, I would recommend this to any woman that wants to be more informed about her body. It is empowering to know more about your body. Daysy gives women that power to make educated choices using the healthiest option I have seen on the market using the latest in technology".


"Highly recommend Daysy because it is natural, easy to use, and is backed up by awesome customer service".




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We are proud to have won one of the most renowned international design awards - the Red Dot Design Award 2019. The coveted seal of quality for exceptional design is awarded only to products that impress with their outstanding appearance and concept. The Red Dot Award, with over 18.000 submissions, is one of the largest design competitions in the world.