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Maximized Spectral Power for Optimal Phototherapy

What is Effective Phototherapy?

Spectral Quality

Spectral qualities of the light source used (wavelength range and peak)

Light Distance

Distance between the light and the infant’s skin

Light Irradiance

Intensity of the light (irradiance)

Body Coverage

Body surface area exposed by the irradiated field or ‘footprint’

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Spectral Quality

The Skylife Phototherapy System was engineered with Spectral Power Treatment™ which provides a narrow bandwidth of light between 430-475 nm to most closely match the bilirubin absorption spectrum for effective jaundice treatment.

Importance of High BSA

Higher BSA
compared to
other phototherapy devices

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Improved Outcome Quality

Designed for clinician satisfaction

•Soft patient surface area with GelMat

•Works in bassinettes, incubators, and warmers

•Complete 360º access to baby

•Unencumbered Feeding & Kangaroo Care

•Minimal visual glare

•Ergonomic & lightweight design

•Portable, stackable & easy to set up

Skylife™ - Modular Design

"Skylife is cleared for use in the United States under FDA K170585 and is under evaluation for use in the following country United Arab Emirates"


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