BasIQ-4 is a Surgical knife for preforming a mediolateral episiotomy.

BasIQ-4 surgical knife enables a sharp, safe, simple and superior episiotomy.


We are proud to present the BasIQ-4® surgical knife.

The innovative alternative to perform a sharp, safe and simple episiotomy.

When it is decided to perform an episiotomy, out of all options, BasIQ-4® offers you the best available, ever..

BasIQ-4® surgical knife is always sharp,  absolutely safe and really simple to use.

Users of the BasIQ-4® evaluated the BasIQ-4® as a valuable alternative to episiotomy scissors, offering a sharp, safe and simple mediolateral episiotomy. None of the users felt or described the need to return to episiotomy-scissors. The trial period was positively concluded, after which the department proposed its staff to include the BasIQ-4® device into their standard of care